Best Golf Accessories for 2022

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Golf course accessories are just as important as the apparel you wear for a round. The best accessories for golfers can improve your performance on the course and help you look your best while you play. Plus, cool golf accessories can shift from the fairways to the street and add stylish flair to your weekend outfits. Read on to discover some of the best golf accessories for 2022.

Head Covers and Putter Covers

Head covers are truly must-have golf accessories for any golfer. Head covers are sleeves that fit down over the top of your golf clubs. Not only do they add flair to your golf gear, but they also reduce the risk of scratches and damage. This is important because even minor scratches can negatively impact your shots. Using head covers and putter covers regularly protects your clubs and putter, making you less likely to have to pay for repairs or replace your clubs prematurely.

Some of the best golf accessories in Devereux's head cover collection include:

  • Valley Blade Putter Cover: This bright blue polyurethane leather cover is decked out in embroidery that pays tribute to The Valley. The shape of the cover allows it to fit snugly over a blade-style putter, and a magnetic closure prevents slippage.
  • Valley Head Cover: Designed to match the Valley Blade Putter Cover, this head cover shows off a boldly printed valley golfer graphic on bright blue faux leather. The inner elastic seam delivers a secure fit for drivers of all sizes.
  • Otto Blade Putter Cover: Checkerboard dyed polyurethane leather draws the eye to this putter cover in an instant. The design also includes an embroidered otter smoking a cigar for a fun finishing touch. Inside, you'll find blue faux suede lining that offers extra protection for clubs.
  • Peachy Mane Mallet Head Cover: This sure-to-get-noticed green faux leather head cover comes from our Peachy capsule collection inspired by the 2022 Master's Tournament. It is sized to fit mallet-style putters and has a secure magnetic closure.

Divot Repair Tools

Leaving behind scrapes and dents on the course is bad etiquette. Fortunately, you can deal with those divots before you move on to the next hole with a divot repair tool. These cool golf accessories feature a handle on one end and one or two prongs on the other. You can use this tool to quickly smooth the turf, so it's primed for the next player to use it.


Golf hats are among the best golf accessories because they help you stand out on the course while delivering practical benefits. On cold days, you can pop on a beanie for added warmth. When the sun's shining, hats provide shade to protect you from UV rays.

You can choose the look that's right for your outfit. Options include bucket hats like the Skull Caddie Bucket Hat and caddie hats like the Skull Caddie Hat. You can also opt for baseball caps like our Peachy Dad Cap, which shows off a sleek minimalist design and coordinates with the apparel and other golf course accessories in our Peachy Capsule Collection.


Sunglasses cut down on glare to give you a clearer view for more successful shots. Plus, they protect your eyes from UV exposure during the five to seven hours that you spend on the course. Our sunglasses feature Raen frames and lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. Each pair is handmade to ensure we're providing only the best accessories for golfers.

Golf Tees

Tees are must-have golf accessories, and it's best to have a variety of sizes on hand to complement all of the clubs in your bag. You can choose from plastic or wood based on your preferences.

Golf Towels

When your hands get sweaty, you just can't maintain that perfect grip needed to keep your shot on target. Golf towel golf accessories let you quickly wipe your hands and your golf club grips to ensure that your grip stays rock solid even when the sun is blazing and the pressure to make the shot is high.

Some of our best-selling golf towels include:

  • Skull Caddie Golf Towel: This towel shows off a flamboyant skull print and rapidly absorbs moisture with thirsty waffle-knit microfiber.
  • Cali Golfer Golf Towel: License plates serve as the inspiration for this golf towel, also made out of waffle-knit microfiber.
  • Peachy 22 Golf Towel: Part of our Peachy Capsule Collection, this golf towel features a minimalist wordmark graphic on one side and our signature peach on the other. It's crafted out of premium waffle-knit microfiber for durability and absorbency.

Ball Markers

Sometimes, your ball ends up in the path of another player's shot. When this occurs, you can reach for a ball marker to mark your spot on the course and then remove your ball, so fellow golfers can play without obstruction. The markers are flat, lightweight discs that come in a variety of designs to match your personal style.

Speaker Lid

speaker lid

Put this on the list of cool golf accessories you didn't know existed--a lid for tumbler coffee mugs that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Snap the Narwhal Speaker Lid onto your drinkware, and you can play a round to your own soundtrack or listen to your favorite tunes while you're running errands or hanging at home.

The lid fits most 30-oz. tumblers. The rechargeable battery can power the speaker lid for roughly 6 hours and recharges in about 2 hours. You can use the speaker within 40 feet of your mobile device, and it's water and dust resistant, so you can use it in all kinds of conditions.

Shop Devereux Accessories

For the best golf accessories, shop Devereux. We design all of our accessories with style and functionality in mind to help you look and feel your best on and off the course. Shop our full selection of golf course accessories to discover all the ways you can gear up for the game.

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