As one of the first and only direct-to-consumer golf apparel brands, we have the freedom to create apparel for the kind of golf we like- the kind where you untuck your shirt, wear your hat backwards and leave your belt at home, all while utilizing function fabrics of golf clothing... they're comfy as hell.

Moving direct-to-consumer has allowed us to focus on our community through reimagining the role we can play in growing the game. What can you expect from us? New product dropped more frequently, designed the way we like it, and priced without unnecessary mark-ups.
Devereux is a family-run business fueled by passion and optimism. Our focus? To deliver a lifestyle that will allow golf (and everything else) to be more inclusive, inviting, and straight-up less boring. We design and deliver apparel that the world of golf wants and needs; welcoming the next generation of golfers who are breaking stigmas and evolving the outdated standards.

Devereux was named after our grandmother, Devereux Brunner. Although small in stature, she was quite the powerhouse who raised 2 sons. She was passionate about supporting her community, attending social gatherings, and wouldn't you know it... golf. As brothers in this business we strive to not only create great apparel but to be a little more like the OG Devereux in the way that we cultivate community.

Follow along and join the movement- Play more, complain less.