Become an Ambassador


We are always on the lookout for guys that are passionate about the brand and will continually help us grow. Our brand ambassador program is a vital component of Devereux Proper Threads and we are always looking to expand our team.Devereux is looking for influential individuals that align with the lifestyle, values, and culture that we have built as a brand. Whether you have 100 followers or 100k followers, ambassadors must have a passion for the game, be enthusiastic about great gear, and must be supportive of their community.

  • Chosen ambassadors will receive a one-time 40% off discount code

  • Exclusive 25% discount on all clothing purchases for yourself  **we know it’s hard not to spread the love, but this discount can not be shared with your friends and family**

  • 1-2 gifted item a month (item(s) determined by Devereux)

  • 10% Friends + Family + Follower discount code

  • Featured on Devereux’s social media channels

  • Automatic approval for third-party affiliate channel (ShareASale)- See Become an Affiliate for details

  • Post 1 high quality piece of content every month wearing Devereux apparel to your social media channels

  • Provide 1 testimonial video per month letting us know your thoughts about DVRX apparel

  • Create content and buzz for the new product arrivals

  • Share brand messaging with organizations in your community

  • Be a passionate and motivated role model, sharing encouragement and support with your followers

  • Your instagram page must be set to ‘public’, not ‘private’

  • Your account must be renewed annually and inactive accounts will require submitting a new application to the program


We will reach out to chosen ambassadors within 1-2 weeks of applying.